Future Electronics Founded by Robert Miller

Future Electronics Founded by Robert Miller

Future Electronics has 5,500 workers, with operations in North America , the, Asia, South America, Europe Middle East and Africa The company serves clients through hubs in Memphis, Tenn., Leipzig, Indonesia, and Singapore. Its operating sections contain Future Energy Solutions Future Lighting Solutions, Potential Exhibit Options, Potential Connectivity Options, FAI as well as the Sophisticated Engineering Group, with a huge selection of engineers assisting customers changeover products fast from design to manufacturing.

President Robert Miller
Future Electronics is the world’s next biggest electronic component distributor. Future Electronics,, founded in 1968 by Leader John Miller, is headquartered in Canada, operating in locations that were 169 in 42 countries worldwide
The business has an on site medical clinic which manages on average 50 trips per day. Potential Electronics’ head-office functions a fully-equipped fitness center using a personal trainer and yoga coach. The center is available 24/7 and workers frequently spend their rests there.
Future Electronics is right at the center of John Miller’s discussion with all the global community. It would, in a sense, be correct to say that the business was established to aid John Callier attain most of the targets he’s enthusiastic about. Interestingly, however, Burns came to the electronics supply business via his other passion – broadcasting.
Workers also have adopted Robert Miller’s deep fascination with environmental duty. He offers a-bus to to move employees to and from the central offices from a down Town location in a bid to lessen auto emissions and has executed a worldwide program to limit the usage of document. Workers who bike to work get paid lunch every Friday.
Potential Electronics Products contain Analog, improvement programs, optoelectronics, passives, transmission/software, discretes, electromechanical, interconnect, lights alternatives, logic, storage, microcontrollers, microprocessors, radio & RF.

President Robert Miller


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